10 random thoughts today, really 11

1. My personalty is largely otter with a large dose of lion and a little bit of beaver. Don’t mess with the lioness.

2. I really wish drive thru food was healthy. I would so pay $6 for a pb and honey on whole wheat tortilla sprinkled with a little flaxseed when my day gets away from me, I’m in the car for hours, and I’m no where near home to eat lunch.

3. I really feel like I should become a little more mouthier. I don’t want people to be surprised when I’m 88 and just start telling them what I really think of them.

4. Is baptism necessary?

5. Most of my corn was taken down by the storm on Saturday. I can’t even bring myself to look at it.

6. My husband is bored out of his mind at our kids’ swim meet but they would never know it.

7. Spitty summer rain grosses me out.

8. Myrna Conrad has got to be one the most grace filled and God trusting women I know.

9. Who comes up with the security word questions on websites and how do they get them all swirly looking?

10. Sometimes people who say they believe the same way I do make me really, really mad…and tired. I wonder if I cause the same reaction in them.

11. It’s not wise to chew on a fingernail painted red with large glitter and expect to get away with it.

It's good talking with you.

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