The possibilities are endless

I’m thinking about this maternity home day and night. I can’t believe the conviction in my heart but also this weird sense of patience. I feel at peace that this will happen in the exact time that it needs to if I just keep working diligently, gathering information, gathering support, not pushing things too far ahead.

My struggle this week was to even locate maternity homes to visit. I’ve called, googled, emailed so many people with no luck. In my prayer time this morning I specifically asked God to guide me to the resources I would need today. When I got to ThriVe today I ran through our resource guide and lo and behold I found 3 places that have just opened around the state in the last 3-4 years. I got a hold of 2 of them and have appointments to meet with the directors over the next 3 weeks. I spent a little bit of time researching how much properties would be around here especially for when I start filling out grant applications. A duplex in Old St. Charles is about 139, 000. A house that could be zoned commercially or residential is about 169,000.  They both need some work. I liked the house more because it was very close to my house, many churches, and places that they girls could work at within walking distance. It has a really cool backyard. It’s next to a produce stand.

I thought today it might be cool for businesses or individuals to sponsor rooms in the house and that would be a way to pay for some nice decor. I thought I might approach Lisa K about landscaping and starting a garden in the backyard as a memorial for her parents. I’m going to ask Anni to start designing a logo. I think I’ll look into the March of Dimes and see what grants they have available for healthy babies.

I really want this to be a positive, healthy, safe, restful, peaceful, and supportive home. I like thinking about the people I have in my circles of influence that could help reach those goals for those girls. Lisa helping them grow healthy things to eat, Amber teaching them how to breast feed, Dr. Whitney massaging their sore backs, Sara B leading them on walks, Dave coming over and banging out a song on the piano or guitar, Sara S and Marcia making it a pretty place where they feel special, Kelly leading a bible study, Connie playing with the babies, Robert helping them figure out their finances, Jason making them all laugh as he fixes up a repair project, Pam leading them through Medicaid and WIC apps, Amber encouraging them to be creative, Anne teaching them to sew…the possibilities are endless.

One thought on “The possibilities are endless

  1. Well, it seems as though you hit the nail right on the head. A pretty accurate projection! I wanted to see what Amanda and I were doing around July 29th 2010.

    Turns out we were praying to find out the calling God had for us.

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