“Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.” Lewis Carroll

I walk with my sister from another mister Kelly 3 times a week at 5:30 a.m. She’s absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to see her each day. This morning we were talking about her son running for student council and the fact he’s up against some pretty popular kid. He’s aware of the competition but because of her powerful parenting he is not pessimistic about the possible outcome. We talked about how she has encouraged him to use his unique gifts and talents to campaign for himself. He’s a bit of computer junky already at age 10. He bought some green material and is going to video tape his speech in front of it and then superimpose the White House behind him. Defiantly brings to mind”are you smarter than a fifth grader?” Kel talked about her desire for her children to always feel like they could accomplish anything. She talked about how this is a new concept for her because her mother although not pessimistic was a bit fearful in her parenting technique. Kelly’s newest thing she’s going to accomplish is completing the Lewis and Clark Half Marathon in October. Can I tell you how much I love this girl?

This past week God surrounded me with other people who felt like they could accomplish almost anything. Everyday God provided someone who could provide a specific service or gift or information that brought me that much closer to this dream of a maternity home for pregnant teens.  My friend is going to do the graphic design for me. She shared with me how important this is to her because she also found herself at age 19 with an unplanned pregnancy. I had no idea. How thankful I am her family was so supportive. That baby is now one of my son’s best friends. My high school buddy, is now a corporate attorney. He’s going to do all the legal work for me pro bono. He has specific experience in working with non profits and has also worked with another maternity home in the area. My neighbor is all over this . It looks like he’s found a web designer for me that is also going to work pro bono and that guy’s wife is an accountant that has several non profit accounts. My neighbor also wants me to meet his spiritual mentor. He thinks he would be a good match for a board member. My dad’s church is considering including us in their missions budget. I didn’t even ask them. Another friend was also a pregnant teen. She has considerable experience in marketing.

Everyday I ask God to provide some piece of the puzzle and He does. He knows I can’t handle the whole picture so He gives me a few pieces at a time. He knows that I am dead set on following His lead and especially following His timing. It’s hard not to think about the girls I want to help now but I really can’t thinking about the girls He knows will be coming my way in the future. I wonder what incredible things He has planned for those babies and those women.

I have a relatively clear picture of what the actual house will look like. But I need a name and then I need the names of some board members. Our book discussion kind of addressed that in last week’s chapter. The author challenged us to ask God what name He would call us. The chapter was addressing the fact that we need to become the person intended us to be and live the life He has called us to rather than believe the lies of Satan.

I don’t take naming this home very lightly. It needs demonstrate so many things. Grace, mercy, justice, love, hope, new beginnings, support, safety, timing to just name a few. I had more than a few people suggest I name it after my mom. That is a very admirable suggestion and is appropriate on many levels. But for my sake I don’t want this maternity home to reflect anything about me personally or what I’m doing. I want it to reflect solely what God is doing. My prayer right now is that God would reveal His name for me and for this maternity home.

It's good talking with you.

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