Good things this week: My hubby fixed the toilet

This week has been frustrating. Nothing horrible happened but so far nothing has gone smoothly and especially nothing has gone how I thought it was going to. So this is me putting on my fake smile and trying to look for the silver lining.

Rant: Last Friday was our annual Figgins’ family 5k in Fancy Farm, KY. During the 1 mile Fun Run that I had to run with Child #2 he complained, and whined, and cried, and whimpered THE ENTIRE TIME after he had seemed unreasonably optimistic before the run. It should have been a really nice mother son moment.

Silver Lining: Child #2 is still in possession of his legs from the knee down and We.Crossed.The.Darn.Finish.Line.Together.

Rant: Our Tuesday night book study of “Waking the Dead” is phenomenal. I was prepared to spend a large amount of time on the Big Idea #3 in Chapter 3 about asking God for the things we desire and how powerful that was, and how amazing it is that God has this expectation. Satan used Tuesday evening as an opportunity to plop down in my living room and fill broken-hearted women with depression and doubt and sadness as to why God answered their prayers with no.

Silver Lining: *crickets chirping. Yeah, I’m going to have to dig a little deeper for this one.

Rant: I had decided this was really the week to get my weight under control and I started a detox diet. I had several shakes to consume, I could eat all the raw green veggies I wanted and a handful of almonds. I seriously was not hungry all day nor did I feel light headed or weak from lack of food. Despite all that I cheated everyday. Horribly. I have no self control. I suck.

Silver Lining: I ate at the Melting Pot with some of my prayer peeps on Wednesday night. It was food heaven. It was one of the most memorable meals I have ever eaten. Some might say ‘poor planning.’ I say when God opens the door to the Melting Pot you run right in.

Rant: All three of my usually really neat, creative, marvelous, and winsome children turned on me this week.  There was eye rolling, and lying, and rebellion, All three broke or lost or mutilated something. The thought of cleanliness became abhorrent to them all. All three sassed me this week. They fought non stop with each other and became completely incapable of doing anything for themselves. It was absolute mutiny. Nary a toilet was flushed. Several nights I thought I should go to bed with a knife in case they came after me.

Silver lining: None of them are in the room with me right now. They may be planning the next attack but for this brief span of time I have a moment of silence.

Rant: I’m a stay at home. I am a very active stay at home and have numerous interests outside of the home but for the most of my day I am in my home with at least one of the insurgents. My husband does travel during the week so the majority of housework, yardwork, childcare issues, etc fall on my shoulders. This is nothing new. But I can never seem to get it right. I never have a clean house. I always have stacks of papers, and laundry, and dishes. I hate to cook and when I do the children hate it or I burn it. I cannot stay organized for anything. I spend copious amounts of time planning menues, running errands, cutting coupons for no return. I have worked diligently on my garden only to yield this year 2 measly radishes and 2 sickly peppers. I went out in the yard yesterday and the deer must have had mosh pit in my corn. The hall toilet has been running for two weeks. I have no freaking clue how to fix a toilet. I’m fed up.

Silver lining: My husband came home. He fixed the toilet.

The children have found me and all hell is breaking loose. Child #2 is mouthing my hubby. I can see it’s going to be a grand evening.

It's good talking with you.

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