Mom, how do you spell q,r,s?

Today was suppose to be a maternity home work day. I had planned to make 1000 phone calls, send 100o emails, and spend a hour in prayer for God to reveal who He would like to be the board of directors. However, Child #1’s bus was late, which made taking Child #3 late for school, which caused Child #2 to miss the bus which really threw me for a loop. I finally jumped online to start my 1000 emails only to be sidetracked for an hour or so working on Nicaragua.

Then I had to run up to church to get some stuff ready for Sunday since I would be gone and it ‘s the first of the month. The hour that I had planned to spend there turned into 2.5 hours. On the way home I saw a motorcyclist out of gas so I stopped to give him a ride. All in all, my “workday” has come to a close and the afternoon only allowed me a dentist appt, trip to Petco, Kohls,  and Target for you guessed it, supplies for Nicaragua. My facebook, email, and phone had multiple contacts about Nicaragua so there you go.

I’m excited to be blessed enough to go to Nicaragua and serve on a mission trip especially with my hubby but my heart is so wonderfully burdened by creating this maternity home. I wish I had 8 hours everyday to work on it and get it rolling. When I was buying supplies at Target they had some home decor with what looked like a hand painted bird on a pillow. I picked up and put it down 3 times only to leave it on the shelf and remind myself I really have no idea when God plans to have The Sparrows Nest open. I really have no business purchasing things for a home that doesn’t exist.Yet 🙂

When I get back from Nicaragua I do plan to hit it full force. I tend to be a little over dramatic but to start off my fall of focusing on the maternity home I’m going to get a tattoo of the logo. I know, I know a bit over the top but this means so much to me. I don’t want life to get in the way and distract me from this mission.

In the mean time even though the day didn’t go the way I thought it would and it’s far from being over with my kid duties (have I complained yet that my hubby is in freakin’ China!) they have reminded me of what my real purpose in life. I am their mommy. Child #3 interrupted my emailing frenzy to ask me how to spell q,r,s. Precious questions like that tend to bring you back down from mania and just smile at what God has already given me.

It's good talking with you.

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