Thank goodness for saltines, chocolate chips, wine, and butter

Thank goodness for sleeves of saltines. And bags of chocolate chips. And bottles of heart healthy red wine… and butter… because I’m just plain crabby and someone may still die this evening. I’m tired. The kids are crabby and tired. It’s just been a long weekend.

My husband gave a report about our trip to Nicaragua tonight at church and I was suppose to make a video to go along with it. I couldn’t make it work for anything. Sometimes it’s entirely too stressful going to church. Relationships are messy. I have a headache after being there.

Our camping trip this weekend was a complete washout. Literally. I think there was water standing on the side of the hill. My boys cannot seem to talk without whining. Neither one of them have slept through the night in over a week.

My daughter and I cooked all afternoon to load up the freezer and I bet you anything those whining boys won’t touch any of it. I’m feeling the burden of my dreams. For some reason there are several little bugs flying around my house adding to my stress level.

I could stand to step out of the grind of reality for awhile. Nothing big. Just pestering. But instead I will take the high road and focus on my blessings. Not because I want to but because I need to. Saltines, chocolate, and booze can carry you only so far. Agents of darkness will not win tonight.

1. I am saved by the grace of God. Sometimes that’s all I need to get me focused back on today. How absolutely amazing is this fact that Jesus did something for me some 2000 freaking years before I was born.

2. I have a home that is safe, and pretty, and warm when I want it to be and cool when I want it to be and is relatively safe from critters of all shapes and sizes. I saw pictures of tiny little homes in Memphis this evening. Homes that needed lots and lots of love.How did I land here instead of any a teeny tiny dump in Memphis?

3. My husband loves Central America. Some husbands can’t get enough NFL or Nascar. My husband can’t get enough of brown skinned people and their language and their culture. He loves bringing more people into that world.

4. My daughter made her first batch of gumbo today all on her own. The look on her face was priceless when she tasted what she made and knew that is was really, really good. She said she wants to make it again to bring to our next church potluck.

5. I sat in our cabin this morning eating gummy donuts with my niece Lily while it stormed outside. We talked about school and friends and I had warm gooey feelings as I watched her mannerisms, and noticed she had lost yet another tooth.

6. My youngest son loves people. He has a huge circle of friends and an even wider circle of fans. Some people describe me as a force of nature. But he outranks me. I pray we can survive being like each other but I am so blessed to know how he feels.

7. One of my newest friend told me she is considering adoption. I cannot imagine a more perfect family able to bring in a child and call them their own.

8. We just put in Enya for my middle son to try and relax and fall asleep at a decent hour. I may have just seen him visibly relax for the first time in a week.Amazing how many genes he and I share.

9. Another friend gave me a pair of jeans this week that I have room to grow into instead of squeeze into but only if I stop eating too many saltines and chocolate chips and consume too many glasses of red wine.

10. Did I mention I am saved by the grace of God?

Share with me some of your blessings this week. Let’s start this week off right.

It's good talking with you.

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