“Lord, so you think I can dance…”

I find when I have too much to do I completely lose any sort of prioritization and flit around spastically accomplishing nothing but looking really well, spastic.I have laundry out the wazzoo. I’m almost certain it’s to the point of getting up walking itself to the laundromat. I have over 6000 emails in my inbox. I have yet another stack of permission slips, book orders, and team registrations. I have a teacher appreciation thingey next week that I don’t think anyone is coming to and I decided to organize a Bunko for Breast Cancer event. All on  top of starting a non profit, attending several trainings, and trying to figure out the language of tax credits, and building a website. And my children are on fall break, my family is here for the week, and I’m the “parent in charge” for a middle school event this weekend. But who’s complaining. Life is full and grand. I really just need a personal assistant.

So I write here to sort through in-congruent thoughts. If you are one of the two people who read this blog I bet you anything you are procrastinating.

I’ll begin to sort through my mental stacks and maybe sift through the actual stacks on my desk. I have several books going right now. Grantwriting for Dummies and something about how to speak like Steve Jobs. Both seem to be attempting me to become the Pied Piper. Except I don’t usually find much success in leading people down the path. I tend to be more of the shepherd poking the stinky masses from behind and yelling at them for not listening to me in the first place.

Either way both of these books have opened up a new area of prayer for me. I’m slowly moving away from “Lord, I don’t think I’m quite the right person for this job.” to “Lord, so you think I can dance, show me the money.”  I read one time that we only use 1/3 of our lung capacity. I hope that applies to my brain also because I am stretching beyond belief. I’m hanging on to Philippians 4:13 right now and adding I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me even the things I have no freaking idea how to do.

So I’m wondering what kinds of things is God encouraging you to try right now?

It's good talking with you.

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