Some Signs that Sugar Before Bed May Not Be A Good Idea

Some signs that sugar before bed may not be a good idea.

Child #1’s  dream/nightmare/odd thingey

It was like Caillou and his family on a snow slope but I was in the perspective of Caillou. I was seeing it out his eyes. He was on a snowboard and he slides down the slope but he can’t stop. He grabs hold of a pole and he grans onto a bigger pole and pulls himself up. Then his mom slides down next to him, grabs his hand, and helps him climb up the slope. But Caillou and his mom are Spanish. She tells Caillou that they are going to a weird Spanish festival called TundoMundo. But for some reason Caillou’s sister has to wear green stuff for it. She has on green lipstick, she has green streaks in her hair and she’s wearing a green dress. For some reason her mom keeps yelling at Caillou because he keeps trying to put more green lipstick on his sister. So they go to bed that night and Santa comes down the chimney and he wakes them all up and he starts quietly yelling at them but then he gets an evil look on his face. He starts shoving all the presents up the chimney with the Grinch’s sucking machine. Santa then tackles Caillou and he starts screaming at him. Then jazz hands appear in the fireplace. Santa starts screaming “DO YOU SEE THE JAZZ HANDS??” “YOUR BIRTHDAY RUINED THE DAY LITTLE JIMMY TUTU DID HIS CARTWHEEL!!!” “YOU RUINED THE DAY OF FLEXIBILITY!!!”

Then Santa turned into like a giant Jack in the  Box and he completely wraps Caillou up and you can’t see him anymore. Then Santa/Jack in the Box does the same thing with Caillou’s mom. But he shows her all the bad scary movies she had ever seen. Caillou’s mom starts screaming and Caillou’s dad walks in with a janitor suit. He takes out squirt bottles and yells to Santa “LEAVE THEM ALONE!” Then Santa unwraps himself off of Caillou’s mom and zaps Caillou’s dad. Then his dad is now wearing a dress with flowers in his hair because it was suppose to embarrass him because Caillou’s dad had been embarrassed a lot as a child. Caillou’s dad just shrugged it off and said “Well, it is summer time”. Then the birds started singing outside and I woke up. “

Child’#2 Morning Accusation

Mom are you certain no one in our family married a reptile or amphibian because I’m pretty sure I’m part reptile or amphibian for these reasons.

1. I’m like a snake because I  can stalk very good.

2. I can run very fast like a leopard gecko.

3. I can also go without a meal like a gila monster.

3. I store my fast in my bahooga.

4. I can jump high like a leopard gecko.

Are you sure you aren’t a amphibian mom?”

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