What if you could start again just not from the very beginning

I have no idea who produced this site but I can not move away from it. I’m drawn to sheer simplicity and beauty. The musicality of the strings is child-like but at the same time it seems so intentional rather than random. I don’t picture some digital program creating pre set sounds but I see hands taking the time and patience to simply sit and hear and create sound.

My heart is tired. My mind is weary. But these sounds lift my spirit. It causes me to start thinking in that trendy module of “zen.” I want,  No, I need more peace. I’ve reached a point in my life where the clutter and static and drama is cacophonous. I’m wondering what it would really take this time to empty out the house and achieve zen. I dreaming about loving dinners around the kitchen table. I’m debating how to teach my children to live in peace with others.I’m searching for creativity in this environment I’ve created.

I’m just questioning if you could start again, maybe not from the very beginning, but if you could start again from a previous point, what could you live without so you could love more?

It's good talking with you.

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