My Life As An Etch A Sketch

Have you ever seen that movie “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey?  It’s about this  guy who challenges himself to say “yes” to everything for an entire year. If you think about it, the story line is very similar to “Bruce Almighty” where Jim Carrey takes over for God and answers “yes” to everyone’s prayer requests. Saying yes can open some new and exciting doors. Saying yes can also be a bit overwhelming.

I suffer from “yesitis.” With the exceptions of offers of coffee or donuts and to my children, I seriously have some issues with  saying “no.” For the most part it’s not because I feel guilty or obligated. Most things sound really fun, good, or important. A lot things feel time sensitive and I really feel our time on this planet is limited and we should make the most of everyday until God calls us home.On occasion it does become a problem. Just ask my husband.

Last night I was inspired with yet another new idea. As typical to my brain pattern, it’s related to the other things I’m most passionate about. As usual I can justify adding it in to already inflated schedule. I can connect the lines and see the whole big picture. The details will work themselves out.If only I can hold on the idea and not be distracted. I’m not abandoning my mission or forgetting the task at hand. I just tend to dream big.

However, this time is slightly different. Instead of frantically drawing the lines to try and remember them before someone comes and gives a little shake and I lose the vision I’m presenting this idea to God. I’m turning it over to Him. I’ve asked Him some questions I’ve really come to appreciate.

I have the idea but am I the right person to execute the idea?

If not me, then whom?

Have you prepared me for this?

Have you gone ahead of me and made clear the path?

Is this your timing Lord?

We’ll see where this goes. I’m moving my idea from my head down to paper. And I hope I don’t lose it amid all the other little post its on my desk.

How do you determine if God has called you to execute a dream?

It's good talking with you.

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