Hey, I’m only human

Twitter and the like get a little prickly  when I can’t remember my password. After so many incorrect attempts these sites want me to prove my “humanness.” I have to enter those really squiggly,  odd security words like ” gratuitous twit” and “azure veracity.”  I think these are really just grandiose insults to my intelligence since I can barely see them much less spell them correctly. And besides, isn’t it human to forget things like passwords, dates, and phone numbers?  Aren’t most computer hang ups user error? Can’t they tell I’m human by my inadequacies?

I had another experience yesterday that reminded me of my humanness, I experienced the mother of all migraines. I’ve had to deal with these my whole life so I pretty much know the routine. I start off with a small headache with the epicenter above my right eye. I get sick to my stomach. I experience an aura. I take ibuprofen. I hang over my bed to force the blood to my head. My right eyes refuses to operate. And then I take my loopy meds that mess me up for a couple of hours and then I’m good.

Not so this time. This one came out of the blue. I started off throwing up over and over again. I had blinding, stabbing pain on my right side of my head. I couldn’t see out of my right eye.  I was shaking. I had this weird sensation like a shot injection site on my left arm. I had no meds. I was scared. My husband was out of town. I felt like I was in trouble. I felt my humanness.

So I do what all humans do no matter what their belief system. I cried out to God. I begged Him to take away this pain.  begged Him to help me. I begged Him to save me. I told him to calm my husband’s fears. He sent me my angels in the form of incredible friends and family to get me the emergency care I needed and to take care of the boys. He provided excellent and quick medical care. He kept my husband from jumping on a plane or grabbing a bike and leaving a great experience.

And so here I am.

I’m still feeling my “humanness.” I’m a bit groggy and feeling very much like a toxic wasteland. I feel a little weak and still a little leery of moving my head at all. I’m sifting through my priorities once AGAIN. I’m chilling out in my blessings greatly reminded of who is really in charge AGAIN. I’m realizing again I am not a robot who is programmed to go and go and go and go AGAIN. Hey, I’m only human.

How have you been reminded of your “humanness” this week?

3 thoughts on “Hey, I’m only human

  1. I just went to a meeting. I got to the place where I thought the meeting was going to be, only to find an empty building. So I went home and had lunch, wondering all the time where the meeting was happening, wishing I could have been there, wondering why no one bothered to tell me the meeting was moved…

    As I walked back into the office, I mentally was going through the checklist of what I needed to get done before the students show up tonight and if there was anything I needed to prepare for a meeting I have on Thursday at lunch time… wait… I have a meeting on Thursday at lunch time. Today is Wednesday.

    I am human.

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