Authentic hearts and words

I recently started holding my tongue and I don’t really care for it. I thought I needed some measure of decorum for grace but turns out I don’t like it at all. I don’t think most people would categorize me at all as an “in your face” type person. In fact, I think most people view me as a positive, nice, outgoing person. And I am. But listen closely.

I thrive on authenticity. I get irritated when people try to mask how they are really feeling or turn their thoughts into some nice public viewing. I can’t stand it when other people ask me what someone else is thinking. I need some honest talk. I’m not talking about worthless idle chit chat and gossip. I’m thinking more like little kids talk. No filters. Saying what’s on your mind. Real Honesty.

So it makes me wonder what you really want to say. I’m thinking at some point or another to me or to someone else you wished you had said something… funny, dumb, controversial, irrelevant, irreverent, questioning, doubting, fighting words, whatever…but maybe you thought the timing wasn’t right. Maybe you worried about reactions. Maybe you thought it was conflict. Well. Let’s get it out. Why not?

Feel free to comment here or send me an email I really look forward to talking things out with you, or maybe helping you figure out how you can talk directly to the person you need to talk to . Let’s be done being afraid or uncomfortable, let’s  grow, watch our minds expand, and allow our hearts to breathe authentically.

It's good talking with you.

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