A Few Non Sequential Thoughts Concerning Fear and Success

It’s not that successful people are perfect. They still expect failure. But rather than letting it knock them down to the fetal position they get back up again and learn from their mistakes.

Successful people expect great things to happen. But they know they will not happen all in the same time frame.

Success and endurance go hand in hand.

I understand the kind of fear of failure that feels like a small earthquake in your inner being. But it’s also the motivator for wearing your highest heels so they can’t look you in the eye and see how scared you are and for wearing your most intimidating shade of lipstick so they can’t see where you have bit your lip so hard to keep from crying. It’s the fear of failure that drives you to read everything about anybody, and study for hours and days how the rest of the world is doing it just so you can figure out how to somewhat succinctly communicate what you think about it.

Success is measured in fairly won small battles. And by giving glory where glory is due.

Success is not just dumb luck. It’s extremely hard word preceded by hard prayer. And then concluded with prayer.

Random I’m sure but stuff I’ve just been thinking about. What are your thoughts concerning success and fear? What fear have you overcome this week?

It's good talking with you.

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