What’s in your top dresser drawer?

My top drawer is filled with handwritten cards of encouragement or thanks from friends and family over the years. When I need a boost of confidence or if I’m feeling lonely I love to re-read these cards from people who know me best.

Most of the cards and letters are from my friend Kelly. She has this beautiful flowery handwriting that is such a reflection of her gracious and soaring soul. Most of Kelly’s letters to me are in the form of thank yous. But the thing that gets me is they are not for things I’ve done or gifts I’ve given. She thanks God for who I am. She thanks me for being a friend. She’s usually referencing a special time we shared together but they were most likely times she initiated.  They are often just a 3X5 card overflowing at the edges with appreciation and respect. The letters are simple yet incredibly elegant examples of a grace filled spirit naturally reaching out and impacting another life with unconditional love.

These are not letters of guilt reminding me that I haven’t given her enough attention. They aren’t passive aggressive actions chastising me for something I did or didn’t say.  The letters are not intended to force relationship out of obligation. She just takes the time to write a simple note of thanks for something I didn’t deserve to be thanked for or needed attention for.

I’m really good at buying pretty note paper. I have gobs of beautiful cards. I have my special ink pens. Sometimes I even write on those fibers and sometimes I even get them in the matching envelope. And on occasion I will miraculously get a stamp on those envelopes. But the majority of the time they never make it to the mail box. My act does not seem so gracious or loving.

One other thing you should know is that Kelly lives 2 minutes from my house. And that’s walking. We see each other or talk almost every day. Our children are friends. We Facebook, we twitter, we text. But she still sends me beautiful hand written notes that I cherish as a sacred part of our friendship.

Kelly gets relationships.

I’ve confessed my downfall in this area. And once again I vow to try AGAIN at connecting with people and recognizing the special times in their lives but also just taking time to write them a note of thanks for being who they are, where they are.

Are there relationships you need to nurture and protect? What do you do to take care of your friendships? Where do you need some encouragement? What’s in your top dresser drawer?

It's good talking with you.

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