Sexy Back 11 Update #1

I admit it. I signed up for Sexy Back 11 two weeks ago but I’ve really just finished my first week. My starting weight (I can’t believe I’m making this public knowledge!) was 170 and I’m 5″9′ 1/2. Most calculators say I’m a healthy weight for my height albeit inching past the point of health. I’m pretty active and run regularly. I’d like to lose at least 10 lbs and gain 5 lbs in muscle. I’m weak and my middle is “fluffy.” I’m starting to spend a lot more time in front of the mirror trying to minimize the appearance of fat rolls.

I want this health kick to be a new focus for me. I like how Grant said that the past year he’s been in survival mode. I feel that way to but not in a bad way. It’s just the pace of life just jumped on me. I’m starting a non profit from scratch, my husband (DH=Dear Hubby) has been traveling more internationally leaving me to man the fort singlehandedly. My children are very active and I like it that way. But when you throw in my poor organizational skills and optimistically thinking I have more time in a day than most people, eating well and exercising regularly  get thrown to the way side.  But I need this focus to be able to handle all that this life has.

So I’ve returned to what I know about nutrition: lower calories, whole foods consisting of lean meats, more vegetables and fruits than humanly possible to consume, and lots more water. Drive thru is no longer my best friend and I’m learning to embrace the skinny version of my favorite coffees at Starbucks. I’ve written out my goals and have them posted which really helps me stay the course. I’ve also scheduled my workouts on my calendar instead of just winging it when I feel I have time. I’m not beating myself up, I’m not eating foods I wouldn’t normally eat in quantities, well, not quantifiable. I’m keeping a food and exercise log on LoseIt.Com and I feel good.

I’m strong when I’m control of what and when I eat but I struggle with all the social things I run into. Community luncheons, date nights with friends, the constant fellowship meals at church and celebrations like my high school reunion this weekend and my birthday on Monday. Has anybody figured out best way to handle those situations?

I love the idea of the Sexy Back 11 Community and I can’t wait to hear how your week went.

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