Sexy Back 11 Update #2

This was a weird week and I am so late on my sexy back update.  I totally lost my groove and fell back into survival mode at least on eating. I was so busy with work and trying to keep up with all of my kids summer activities I literally forgot to eat a lot of the time but then  I would make it up with drive thru after I was starving and couldn’t take it anymore. We were in the go non stop and I never took time to plan. I also had lots of social excuses to eat poorly; community luncheons, my high school reunion, my birthday, and I’ve caught a bad cold. However, my exercise remained the same and to date I’ve lost 5.4 lbs. I’ve improved my swimming time and distance. Even with an upper respiratory infection I ran a 5K race this morning in 29:45 in the rain.

I hate to admit it but I’ve started off this week the same way and I will be traveling most of the week. But the plan is to regroup and pre package some fruits and veggies, crackers and cheese, and plenty of water to carry in a  cooler. It’s just me and the kids again for the next 14 days so I have a goal of not sliding into just foods the kids will eat and not using my single parenthood to get in that drive thru line. And of course, today is yet another holiday to eat, eat, eat and drink, drink, drink.

Overall it’s going well. I just need to kick this lung disease and stay organized. Catch you on Thursday!

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