Sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble. Sometimes my temper gets me in trouble. Sometimes people are surprised I have a mouth and I have a slow fuse temper so I get in trouble because they didn’t expect that reaction from me.

Most people appreciate my honestly and realism. Sometimes that gets me in trouble. I think sometimes people think that if you can be real, normal , and honest that you must have it all together because you have nothing to hide or be ashamed of. Sometimes my good intentions are misinterpreted.

But my mouth, and my temper, and my attempt to be transparent are just a part of me. I also don’t like being told what to do. It’s not that I won’t seek out advice. But don’t boss me around. I’m sensitive to feelings, emotions, perceptions but they are not likely to dictate my actions. I’m ornery. So if I know something I do bugs you and it’s a minor item guess what, I’ll probably do it more.

I laugh loudly. But not all the time. I cry hard. But only when I allow myself too. I have a hard time sitting still. But I take a nap almost everyday. I love to try new things, go new places, eat new food, but I find great comfort in watching some movies over and over again, reading some books over and over again, and just eating boring old Cherrios and sliced bananas for breakfast.

I have a hard time loving hard to love people. Some people I choose to love from afar. Sometimes I push myself to be near people that break my heart. I love a clean house but I’m a messy through and through. A lot of times I jump without thinking and but I analyze other people’s actions and words looking for patterns and trends.

I love dressing up and wearing the bling. I’m 5″9′ and love heels. But I work out hard and love getting dirty in the garden. I’m rough and tumble with kids and teens and can hold my own in basketball, baseball, and Nerf wars.

I guess I just think that if you like that I’m who I say I am. That if you are drawn to my realness and my normalness you should know  I am the same through and through but that realness manifests itself in my outward choices. I am not perfect. I am messy. I am a trainwreck.

But if you can take even just a part of me and accept it for what it is. If you can keep your expectations low and tight. I might not disappoint you too much. I might even be an unexpected blessing.

You know , if it’s Tuesday. And the barometric pressure is low. And it’s a quarter moon. And I have enough sleep and coffee…

It's good talking with you.

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