I’m insanely curious

Some folk might call it nosy but I just call it being insanely curious. Now right off the bat, you have to know that my curiousity is not always child like and innocent. I think part of my curiousity about what people are thinking and the choices they make is simply centered around the fact that I have a really hard time trusting folk. I want to know their motivations in order to figure out where I need to side step. Other than that, I really big part of me is absolutely fascinated with God’s creation of the human race

Today I’m really curious about how parenting seems to affect leaders. I’m wondering is there really a correlation between great leaders and great parenting. I know it seems obvious that those two things would go together but what about those people who grew up in homes where parenting was weak or lacking but have still managed to become incredible standout people in their spheres of influence. What’s different about their chemical makeup, thought processes, or motivation to succeed.

I need it understood that I am a huge proponent for positive, intentional, spirit-led parenting. But what specific components with the grace of God create ordinary people leading others to do extraordinary efforts?

What parts of your childhood experiences, either positive or negative,  helped develop the leader you are today? Who are your parenting mentors? What do you intentionally do to develop leadership skills in your children?

It's good talking with you.

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