I could easily pass for the mentally ill

On the way home just now I just randomally pulled out in the turn lane and went around 3 cars that were waiting for a dump truck to turn. I wasn’t angry or frustrated. I didn’t realize it until I was pulling up at the light. I don’t think I even checked for oncoming traffic.

I walked into the living room last night and I had left the water running in the kitchen sink and the vacuum running. I guess I had just wandered away from my chores.

I completely forgot to pick up not one but TWO of my kids from their after school activities.

I’m more than a little distracted. My mind is in a different time zone. This week is filled with details and organization. Those are two things that are not my forte. But we have the golf tournament this weekend and somehow I am the director of the tournament so things have to get done. But I’m having a hard time focusing. Like, a REALLY hard time being present for things that need my attention now.

My thoughts are filled with dreams of The Sparrow’s Nest. I feel an electricity that we are closer than I can even imagine of locating, purchasing, and opening the doors. The vision of this house is becoming a reality very , very soon. My heart aches for the girls coming. But my heart soars at the thought of a safe, nurturing, beautiful place for them to find their second, third, or fourth chance.

Can you just see them sitting around the kitchen table learning how to cook a new affordable recipe? Can you see them sitting on the front porch with a mentor guiding them through the bible? Can you see them pressing on through their studies at the computer? Can you see the look of accomplishment when they figure out how to balance a checkbook? Can you imagine holding their hand while calming their fears about what’s to come? Can you feel the warmth of that newborn little baby in your arms?

We’re entering into yet another critical time period. Don’t they all seem critical? But I can’t stress the urgency. I can’t stress the need. We need all the help we can get.

We need The Nest.

You can help in lots of ways. Vote for us on http://www.stlgrown.com and pass it on to your friends. Volunteer your time and talent to create social media campaigns, marketing information or just time to share a cup of coffee with someone of influence. Invite your bunko group or small group to visit with me and give me an opportunity to share the vision. Have a bake sale, a penny drive, or a garage sale. Donate online on our secure site at https://sparrowsnest.securegive.com/.

Let’s get distracted together and dream about making a difference that will last generations.

It's good talking with you.

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