My terrible horrible no good very bad day

Alexander’s Terrible Day I feel like I’m seven and my name is Alexander.

I woke up this morning feeling marvelous about the day. I had worked my tail off this weekend and I had decided to just spend the day of fun stuff and mindless stuff. It’s my 19th wedding anniversary so I was going to get a pedi, have coffee with friends, go for a long run, putz around the house, take a nap, and then wrap up my day with my great online book club.

A friend text me to ask why I had unfollowed on all my social media. Lots of people were missing from my lists. Minor headache to fix it . I got dressed to run and dropped off the boys at school and drove to get my nails done. They didn’t open for another hour so I decided to go across the street and get my oil changed. They had my car in the bay for over a hour finding $150 other things wrong with my car. I missed my coffee date. I went over to have my nails done. When I get home I realized I dinged two nails up marvelously.

When I got home it was obvious the day had finally come when we had to put down my dog Scout. She was miserable. My wonderful husband took her to the vet for me. I went into hibernation in my room only to get a lovely text from someone telling me they were sorry about Scout but oh, by the way I’m also a horrible friend and I suck. Then I got an email from family saying they were sorry about Scout but oh, by the way I’ve been very negligent of my extended family.

I just woke up from self preservation coma to find the kids are home and they are realizing Scout isn’t home. I don’t have time to run now.

I think I’ll move to Austrailia.

It's good talking with you.

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