I have a HUGE announcement coming very soon!

I have a HUGE annoucement coming very soon!

Well, kinda.

It’s just all the cool kids on twitter were announcing left and right this week their “HUGE” announcements. And I felt left out. So I decided to try out the phrase myself. I have to say, I really liked how it felt to say it. However, I have to admit, it was a bit pre-mature.

It’s not that I don’t have a huge announcement. I will have a huge announcement coming, it’s just the “very soon” part I’m unclear about.

This week I got to visit Kennedy Space Center. Part of the tour brought us out to NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building. A crawler transporter takes the Space Shuttle from this building to the launch pad which is  3.4-miles away.  The crawler transporter is a massive vehicle. It’s claim to fame is not how fast it moves but how slowly and accurately it moves. The crawler transporter typically takes about six to eight hours to move the Space Shuttle those 3 measly miles to the launch pad. It’s excrutiatingly slow but criticial for the monumental launch.

I feel like I’m sitting on a crawler transporter carrying The Sparrow’s Nest. We’re moving towards our own launch pad at a snail’s pace but we are moving. We’re still on track to launch July 2012 but sometimes it feels so far away.

So I will announce our steps along the way and probably make way too big a deal of those steps but bear with me.

I can announce our newly designed website will launch very soon. Keep checking back to http://www.thesparrowsneststl.org. And make sure you jump on our own crawler transporter. It’s moving slow but you don’t want it to get away from you.

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