I’m big stuff

I can get pretty high and mighty. Whatever self esteem issues I may have I more than compensate with obnoxious confidence when I am driven towards a goal. I can boast an open mind and big dreams. I know my place in the kingdom. I recognize that power and might.

And then somebody has to go and pray for me to picture God bigger than I already do. And they ostensibly take that prayer further and pray that I will picture my tiny self held in the gigantic palm of God’s hand. Little do they know, how that humbles me. And by humble I mean knock me to my pompous hiney.

Me and my pompous hiney can easily picture God and I on a level playing ground. That somehow I’ve become this heavenly enlightened creature glowing in all ethereal beauty sitting as his right hand (wo)man. And pretty soon I’ve scooted Jesus right out of his proper spot and convinced myself that the trainwreck I really am, never existed.

I am an exceptional woman. But not by anything I could ever say to make that so.
I am a daughter of the King causing me to walk as a princess. But not by anything I have ever done.

I thought I dreamed big. But God showed me that I’m not dreaming big enough. I know through my own abilities and natural talent and just plain hard-headedness I can accomplish a lot. I can even give God all the glory for those accomplishments. However, God has shown me once again, this is His vision, these are His plans, and He.Has.This.One. I’m merely a vessel however cute a vessel I think I am.

Have you got big dreams? How has God revealed how He wants to take those dreams to the top level?

It's good talking with you.

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