How’s Your Forever Fairytale?

I’m just going to come out and say it. Tonight was not the best date night ever.

We got to the movie after it was sold out. We decided to come back after shopping for shoes for him, eating an exotic dinner at Chick Fil A where we discussed home improvement projects. When we came back to the movies we had to sit up front and center to watch THE worst movie ever.

DH apologized profusely and jokingly went incognito after we got home saying “I’m not that guy who took his wife out for the worst date.”

But you need to know also, I loved it. I loved that he took the initiative, asked me out, that he wanted to spend time with me, and ask my opinions, and laugh with me.

I tell you this because I think this is an important lesson in marriage. Like all relationships, time and circumstance cause natural ebb and flow. Sometimes things click and sometimes they clang. Sometimes things are perfect and romantic and sweet and you can’t fathom life without your spouse. But most of the time marriage is really hard work. And you really have to work at creating the forever fairy tale. You have to intentionally decide to find the really special moments, the glimpses meant only for you, to decide what happens in this day, or this month, or even this season of parenting/marriage doesn’t completely determine the tone of your relationship.

Sometimes we have to use the private jokes of a date gone bad to keep that fairytale alive.

What’s your worst date story? How have you used bad situations to strengthen your marriage?

It's good talking with you.

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