My Throw Up Bucket List

Sometimes when you’re trying to figure out what you do want to do you have to start by sorting through what you don’t want to do. So here’s the start of my Throw Up Bucket List as opposed to my Bucket List. It does resemble the show Dirty Jobs.


1. I never want to be a school bus driver.

2. I never want to be a hospital custodian.

3. I never want to study spiders, grasshoppers, or crickets.

4. I have no desire to visit Asia or India.

5. I never want to complete an Ironman.

6. I never want to endure chemotherapy or divorce.

7. I don’t see myself willingly bungee cording off of anything. Ever.

8. I do not want to walk barefoot across burning coals or broken glass.

9. I will not ride on every roller coaster in America.

10. I do not want to go 2.7 on a bull named Fu Manchu.

2 thoughts on “My Throw Up Bucket List

  1. #8 – Given some of the places you are willing to walk barefoot on April 8th (or whenever barefoot day is), I’m surprised you’re excluding anything!

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