Guest Blog: School Dad’s Prayer Warriors

DH and I have been blessed this past year to become really good friends with Joe and Julie Falcomata. There is no doubt that their children are the highest priority for them. For example, Joe is one of the few dads on the field trip. But lots of other  kids are receiving their blessing as well through kid’s ministry at FBCH, Upwards basketball, and now prayer warriors. I don’t know about you but my kids need lots of prayers and I can’t thank Joe enough for covering my kid in prayers. I hope this inspires local dads to step out to be a part something really powerful. 
The idea was laid on my heart by God when my oldest nephew Joseph graduated from High School.  My sister, Kari, had been in a prayer group with all of the mom’s from my nephew’s class since he was in kindergarten.  His graduation from High School was very sad for her, but she was commenting on how she was going to miss meeting with the Mom’s for prayer and lifting up their school, teachers and students.
I started thinking about what I could do to get a group of Dad’s together to pray for my kid’s school.   It would be difficult to find a good time for Dad’s to meet and pray due to the majority of them working during the day.  And, we all know the way our schedules work in the evening and the different directions we are pulled.
I was already meeting for Bible Study with my Brother-in-Law Ben Turner and some guys on Thursday at 6:00 AM.  So, I got the idea that I could just head over to my kids Grade school after that and pray at the flag pole.   I thought I would try to get a few other Dad’s from the school to join me.  I thought around 7:00 would be perfect for Dad’s before they head in to work.  I started talking to a few I knew, and sent a couple of emails.
I decided I was going to start the week before school this year.  Initially I had one Dad, Scott Foss, say he would join me.  And, we have had one other Dad join us from Castlio Grade School.
But, what really gave me inspiration was a friend at my church who heard about what I was doing on Twitter and Facebook.  Pat Whitely contacted me and said he would like to join me at my school and asked if we could pray for his son’s school on another day.   I said ‘Absolutely!’   He said he also felt strongly that God was calling him to do something like this.  So we started meeting at his school on Tuesdays and he had recruited another dad, Kevin,  to join us there.
As he and I talked we really felt like we should do more.   So Pat and I devised a schedule to go to a different school each day of the week.  And, for the last 6 months we have been doing that every day school is in session and we are in town.  Some days we have others join us, sometimes it is just the two of us, and some day see are all alone.  Pat is a true inspiration to me and we have kept each other accountable.
It has really been a learning experience and I am still trying to learn exactly what God is teaching me through all this.
We typically pray for the teachers, parents, bus drivers, administrator, administrative staff, construction workers and of course the kids.   We thank God for their patience and dedication.  We lift up any situation of which we are aware that might need extra attention from God.  We pray that the kids will show Jesus love to their fellow students and teachers.  And, we pray for any home situation that might not be a good as it could be.
 It is amazing how much better my day goes when I am able to go and pray for one of the schools.  Initially I had such a drive and vision to grow this effort and have other people meet at other schools.  But, it has been tough to get consistent response.  It caused me to really check my heart about why I am doing it.  Making sure it was not for my glory, but only for the glory of God and to support our educators and educational system.  I got slightly depressed and dejected when I did not see the overwhelming response that I thought I would get from other Dad’s.   But, I have decided that God told ME to do it and that it doesn’t really matter that others aren’t as compelled.  There must be a reason.  Maybe it is just a personal lesson that God is teaching me.  Or, maybe he is preparing me for something else.
I try advertising on Twitter and Facebook.  But, struggle with the thought of making sure people don’t think I am ‘tooting my own horn’ or that I am annoying people with my posts about it.
Unfortunately also, I travel a lot with my job, so that takes me out of the routine too.  But, every time I am available, I am out there.
There have been a few interesting things that have happened with school custodians making sure we were not trying to blow up the school, and the Sheriff checking us out at another school.  But, there have also been some real uplifting moments as random people have come up and joined us in praying.  That is a real blessing to us.
I would absolutely LOVE to see a group of Dad’s at each school meet for just 10 minutes one day a week to lift up that school in prayer.  What a blessing for them, for the teachers, parents and kids at the school.  Pat and I would love to help anyone interested in Saint Charles County.  If they would commit to a day, we would make sure that ‘two or more are gathered in his name’
And, if anyone wants to join us we are at the pole at 7:00 AM everyday (when we are in town):  Fairmont – Monday, Becky David/Barnwell – Tuesday, Independence/Bryan – Wednesday,  Castilo(7:11) – Thursday, Central/Hollenbeck(7:05) – Friday

One thought on “Guest Blog: School Dad’s Prayer Warriors

  1. This is an update from my Sister, Kari, after she read this…

    “…BTW…we are still meeting! We met yesterday for lunch and to pray for our kids in college. There are still about 8 to 10 that meet at least once a week. Ella’s class doesn’t have that commitment yet, but there are still 3 or 4 of us that meet every week to pray for her class. When they are 18 and living 4 hours away you realize that all you have left to do, is pray fervently for them!…”

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