Can’t We All Just Get Along

I woke up this morning re-newed to rid the world of all earthly atrocities. I was fired up to save the world of very real, heartbreaking problems. I was fired up to say the least. I open up my inbox ready to slay the day and the first email I see is from a disgruntled parent on my basketball team. He wasn’t happy with his kids playing time this past Saturday. Mind you I wasn’t there but he felt he needed to copy me on his criticisms of the other coach.

Now the other coach can be let’s say, a bit prickly, so I before I got a chance to head him off at the pass and say “you know, let’s just let this go.” Here comes his email response dripping with sarcasm and meat headness. And so it begins.

-I copied the league director.

+I don’t think your coaching style is indicative of the league goals.

-Why are you bringing this up after the season is over. 

+I don’t think we’ll play next year.

-Oh yeah, well here’s mud in your eye!

+Yo mama!

Boys, boys! Can’t we all just get along in the sandbox? Do I need to remind you this is a CHRISTIAN league whose primary purpose is to share the LOVE of Jesus Christ?


All this drama has caused me to start thinking why do we do that? Why is our first response to spit and then to try 

It's good talking with you.

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