Why Knowledge is still Power

This was one of my favorite shows growing up. I believed Knowledge was Power through and through. Truth be told, I still do. I have a healthy curiousity about almost everything. Ok, so it somewhat teeters on nosiness to stalker-like tendecies. But I just really like to be in the know. I like to know how people come to decisions. I like to be able to talk about what you are reading about. I like listen to what you are listening to. I love the magic behind graphics and websites. I love watching the process of creation either in visual art, music, or business systems.

This idea of continual learning, of really life long learning became so important to me in my early education courses. The responsibility of creating life long learners resonated deeply with me. But I was also drawn to the idea my professors demonstrated. This idea if I was to be a master educator then I too, had to be a life long learner.

Surely, we all realize now that education must continue on outside the traditional classroom. As much as I study people I still have a hard time understanding resistance to learning. I hear the phrase all too often, “I don’t know how so I can’t do…” But instead of doing something about and using the tools and time we have been given we sit in front of The Bachelor or drool over Snooki.

We live in a time of information overload. At our fingertips we have unfathomable power to learn and redefine who we are. This knowledge can transform our world.

And yet we still seem to be a generation frozen by our fear of the unknown, frozen by the mere possibility of failure. That if we raise our hand we may not have the right answer. And then what.

Can I propose that we not even consider failure a possibility but rather a reality? It’s our failures or our shortcomings that should propel us for deeper or diverse answers. Can we use our fear of not being important, not making a difference, of being a body that just takes up space to move us toward learning new ideas and theories?

Learning enriches human life.

To be human is to partake broadly and deeply of the richness of human culture.

James Bosco

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