This Haunts Me

I can’t tell you how much it haunts me to get a phone call like I did tonight. It’s almost becoming too much for my heart to answer this question the same way.

“Carissa, I have someone here that needs a place to stay.

Are you open yet? Do you know anyone who has openings?”



I’m sorry.

She might be able to leave the area and find a place to stay.

Why is this so complicated? Why can’t I move faster? Why do I feel like I’m barking up the wrong trees and chasing rabbits down holes that don’t lead anywhere? Why can’t I get Sparrow up and running?

I sure have my calendars all lined up with great content, emails, tweets, and facebook posts but I can’t find a freaking couch for a homeless expecting teen.

I have some really fun and unique events scheduled to help promote this invisible house but meanwhile a young woman’s life is falling apart.

I have some great pledge cards turned in but as Joe Sangl says I can’t cash a pledge card.

I have a sexy business plan, strategic plan, and development plan all mapped out however a young couple is staring at each other tonight scared out of their minds.

I’ve laid out some cute outfits to wear when I meet some of St. Charles finest this month to try and convince them to fund my vision but I also have mounds of cute baby clothes just sitting in a storage unit.

My heart is heavy, my shoulders are burdened, my spirit is tired. However, my frustrations do not detract from God’s promises and faithfulness.

He will open the doors I need opening. He is guiding me down the path I need to go on. This is too much for me but not too much for Him. I know I am taken care and that His eye is on these sparrows tonight as well.

One thought on “This Haunts Me

  1. God knows your heart and He knows their needs.

    A time will come when you are going to be that person whom God uses to meet that need. Until that time, keep strengthening your faith, holding out hope and giving away the greatest of these, which is love.

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