Bob Baker was a man.

I didn’t know Bob Baker.

But I’m guessing you didn’t either.

Bob is one of the many people who lived underneath the 370 bridge.

He died March 16.

His body was found near the railroad trestles.

This bothers me. I’m actually quite angered by this.

This shouldn’t happen in America.

This shouldn’t happen in St. Charles.

Please don’t justify his death.

Even if he was a drunk, please don’t assume it’s ok for him to die this way.

Even if he was a meth head, please don’t assume it makes sense for him to die this way.

Even if he was mentally ill, please don’t assume his life is better off never have lived.

Even if he had not worked in a billion years, don’t justify the indignity of his death.

He was a vet. He served in Vietnam. He defended our country.

He had a son. And grandchildren. His girlfriend died last year.

He was a man who breathed the same air you do. Did you walk past him in Old Town?

He was a human being.

And I believe every life is valuable no matter what the circumstances.

I hope you’re the slightest bit disturbed by this story. I hope you are not overwhelmed by the problem of homelessness but that you are at least saddened by the death of one human being.  I hope you have a real face to associate with this indignity. I pray we will each do ONE THING to impact the life of another.

One thought on “Bob Baker was a man.

  1. Carissa,

    We all die. Sometimes we die a spiritual death long before our physical death. Of course, in a secular world only the latter is recognized. Hiding from grace and God’s love will cause you to self-mutilate, be drug addicted, lust addicted, you will drown in whatever affliction you choose by your own freewill. Getting married or buried in a church or attending the occasional holiday service will not save you. Few realize the transformational life where Christ provides all of our needs, even in homelessness you can have purpose. We have watered down Christianity and thus we have watered down life.
    Yes, Obama and the rest of us should care more. But we are in a rat race, and we think hoarding cheese is the way to go. Everyone thinks they NEED Direct TV, 200 toys for the kids, and the cars that cost as much as a single family home in Florissant. We keep running on this wheel in the same place over and over. And not until a mom cold bloodily executes her own 3 kids or a bullied teens hangs herself in a closet do we stop to take note, but just long enough to write a blog about it.

    Respectfully Submitted,

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