3 Things I learned this week from Little Miss Darby Graham

I have a little friend whom I’ve never been blessed with actually meeting. Before you start questioning the voices in my head, this little friend actually exists. Her name is Darby Graham and I think she’s pretty neat. I call her Little Miss just because.

At four, she digs bling so I try to send her a little something now and again. She loves to create so I mailed her a journal and a story to illustrate. But at age four, the really neat thing about Darby, is she  loves God. And I’m not just talking about a little “Jesus Loves Me” kinda love. This week, Darby already knows she loves God so much that she wants to be obedient to Him. She wants  Him to be the leader of her life. She asked Him to forgive her sins.

Even now I can’t help crying at the simple beauty of this.

Her daddy posted a short video where Darby describes why we need God. Here’s 3 things Darby reminded me of this week.

1. Darby is enthusiastic and joyful to share what God has done for everyone. 

How many times do I feel prompted to share the Gospel with someone but I over think it? I’m worried about offending them. I feel like I have to put some spin on it to have it come across as convicting but not condemning. I ease into the conversation. I skirt around the topic. I dangle christian-eze to hopefully have them to come to me questions so I don’t have to appear to forward coming to them with real answers. Darby is so happy to share what God is doing. It’s a natural outpouring of very joy filled heart. Her eyes are bright, her body language is animated, her words are simple but clear. You are absolutely drawn in and you want what she has. Darby wants everyone to have what she has because she knows it’s really good stuff. She’s not holding out on anyone.

2. Darby’s love for Jesus didn’t happen overnight. 

I think for a four year old Darby has an unusual, simple understanding of the Gospel. But this is also not an accident. Darby pronounces in the video that her mommy and daddy are Christians, something she is very proud of and something she is very aware of. Her spiritual upbringing has been intentional by her parents since before she was born. Casey and Kacie have purposefully raised their daughter to know Christ in their home. They have intentionally involved her in children’s ministry at their church. They have surrounded her with a cloud of witnesses to support her spiritual growth. I was reminded that my goal is to set my children as straight arrows and to aim them clear and true towards God. I can’t let that responsibility go to the wayside. I have to be continually casting that vision for my children. Darby prompted me that night to go talk to each of my children about their current understanding of God and what He did for them and to remind them He love them. My four year old friend reminded me everyday is critical for me to guide my children to God.

3. Darby has captured what it means to be a Child of God. 

When I heard that Darby had accepted Christ, my first prayer was “Lord, let time freeze for her. When she’s 16, 26, 36, 66 let her always remember this night.” I don’t want anyone to despise Darby’s decision because of her age. Matthew 18:4 says “Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Darby reminded me that God views all of us as His little children. I don’t think he views as His adult children either. Just like Darby climbed up into the Lord’s lap this week, I needed to be reminded that I’m never too big for my Abba’s lap either. I think part of our continual spiritual growth and renewal is to remain as children, humble and innocent, just like Darby.

Do you remember what it was like when you first came to know Christ? How do you maintain your child-like innocence?

Darby Graham shares her Christianity-http://youtu.be/yfWheH85d0Y

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