Constant Communion-Part 1

Imagine considering every moment

as a potential time of communion with God.

~Max Lucado

I don’t remember which Lucado book this came from but I do remember thinking when reading this, “I am desperate for this.” I also remember sharing this idea with my small group at the time and they once again staring at me like I had 3 heads.

  • That’s not reasonable
  • How could we be effective if we’re always in communion
  • We have other things to do
  • I don’t think I would want God to be apart of every moment.

But the social butterfly in me was really drawn to the idea of hanging out with God, drinking good wine, and eating warm buttery bread around the fire pit with my family and friends. If I let my mind start to wander to the possibility… I envision He’s brought his acoustic and we’re singing Paramore and Goo Goo Dolls with knowing eyes that He inspired the lyrics. The fire and music has drawn out some other neighbors so we bring up more chairs. The sun is setting and we get quiet together just staring into the flames. I start to mumble about things I don’t understand or question and we get into to this really cool theological discussion. It’s getting late so we go inside. He’s washing up the dishes while I sit tangled legged up on the counter lazily dipping the leftover bread in the bottom of the wine glass. Our friends and family are hugging and saying good night and that “we should do this more often.”We laugh about the day and He tells me how proud is of me and how much He loves me. Our family walk over to the couch with Him and tumble up in a bunch of blankets together to watch a late night movie. I fall asleep on his shoulder whispering I’m so happy He’s there.

I wake up the next morning and ask Him if He wants to come on an early morning run together. There’s not much talking but it just feels good to have Him along for a really hilly, hard run.

We come back to the house and He helps me get breakfast on the table for the kids. A-fig is getting jiggy so I ask Jesus to go handle him. He takes A-fig into his lap and helps him focus on eating by humming a song about how much He loves him. Next thing I know all my kids are hanging on Jesus and talking a mile a minute to Him. DH and I are just sitting back watching in awe at the whole situation…

How would you continue this word picture? Do you desire constant communion with God? Does it scare you, overwhelm you, exhaust you, inspire you? 

It's good talking with you.

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