Constant Communion-Part 2

I could continue on and on with this word picture of being in constant communion with God. I wish my life looked like that everyday. It is one of the desires of my heart. But as I study this here are a few things I believe need thinking about.

1. Constant Communion with God is intentional.

Matthew 6 talks about coming before the Lord in a quiet place; one, so we won’t be tempted to think about what other people are thinking about us, but two, in our world we have to seek out those quiet times and places. We’re constantly connected, constantly surrounded by sound and sight, constantly distracted. But I want to be constantly connected to God. I have to be just as intentional seeking my time with God as I am scheduling the appointed time  to meet the important people in my life and business. We all know about best laid intentions with projects, ideas, people, and family. If we don’t make those priorities they are very likely not to happen. I don’t want God to have to wait on me to get around to Him.

2. Constant Communion with God requires Sabbath.

It’s probably my most over used scriptural references but I return constantly to 1 Kings 19. Elijah had been working “his heart out” for the Lord. It wasn’t like he was living his life in ambivalence towards God. But after some major obstacles, he was running, exhausted, fearful, and questioning his role in God’s plan. God places an acute opportunity for Elijah to have communion with Him in the cave. He givesElijah the time, space, and place to rest and regroup and re-identify himself with God. I think we have to realize that God wants constant communion with us as well. Sabbath shouldn’t seem like punishment from other things but a privilege to just hang with God.

3. Constant Communion with God naturally brings others to Him

I have a beautiful friend name Elizabeth. I met her while attending college at Texas A&M. Elizabeth fell deeply in love with Christ while at school and dedicated her life to Him and eventually went on to be a missionary in Chile. I remember one time Elizabeth was sitting on one of the A&M shuttles just looking out the window and another student walked up to her and asked her out of the blue what was different about her. Elizabeth was able to share her relationship with Jesus. I believe Elizabeth was in constant communion with God through music in her heart and mind. Because her gaze was set on Jesus people were naturally drawn to to what she had. She wasn’t focused on what they were doing wrong. She fully embraced the relationship of Jesus. Her constant communion with God literally caused people to be drawn to what she had. Mark 16 tells us what is expected of us. We often say we don’t know what to say or do to draw people closer to God. I think a major component is just making sure we are in communion with the One we want others to know.

4. Constant Communion with God brings peace

Are you like me and it takes a little while to figure out what’s wrong when you get out of whack? Do you do that little V-8 slap and realize all you need is a little Come To Jesus Meetin’ when you get lost of who you are and what you need to accomplish? It never ceases to amaze me how many times with all my stress, anxiety, and worry that all I needed to do was come sit on the lap of my Father, feel His arms wrap around me. and relax. Once I stop blabbering and take the time to listen for His voice, all is right with the world, all is clear, I have no pressure to perform, and I am at peace.

I’m starting to think He really meant it when He said, Come…


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