Waking Up With Hopeful Tears

Do you ever wake up from a dream that seemed so real you were convinced it actually happened?
I just woke up with joyful tears running down my cheeks because of one of those dreams.

I dreamed I was standing in front of the giant graffiti chalkboard I plan to have at The Sparrows Nest. I could feel the chalk slowly decinerating under my hand as I drew my secret love message to the girls that day. My nose tickled a little as the dust from the chalk gently lifted up from my words. I saw myself giggling a bit trying to quickly write the words so the girls wouldn’t catch me before they woke up and came downstairs before breakfast. It wasn’t a deep message this time. Just one to make them start their day with a smile. I want the board to just be one more place for them to express themselves but also a place where they can see they matter. I was writing

Clean it with the flow working with hustle

Again, just a phrase that makes me smile. Nothing crazy life changing.
The point is I feel God gives me these glimpses of realities yet to come. He knows the desires of my heart. He paints my desires into technicolor dreams to reassure me He’s still here and His vision is my dream.

What are some of your realities you woke up to realizing it was still a dream?

What would you write on the graffiti wall for the girls coming soon to The Sparrows Nest?

It's good talking with you.

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