Holding on to a little glory yourself?

I read something yesterday that said something to the affect that we have more power when we do things with God rather than for God. When we come alongside God and join in what He’s already doing we don’t have to come up with the resources, wisdom, energy, will, etc. His power and might are already present. We stand and wait on Him. We’re just along for the ride. The glory and attention go to the appropriate power source. We get ride God’s coat tails and feel the rush of the wind in our face as He sails in to save the day. 

However, if we feel like we have to do things for God it’s really a losing battle. We can never repay what has been done for us. When we do life trying to do things for God we have to fall on our own power and might . We burn out really quickly because we are relying on a limited amount of earthly resources. The focus and attention turn to us whether we are successful or more than likely fail at the venture. The act may be a good one but if it’s not within God’s will who will get the glory? With this way, we feel like we are trying to strong arm our way through resistant hurricane winds. 

Last night I had several volunteers over from one of our supporting churches to thank them for their support and hard work for Sparrow. I was so encouraged by everyone who was able to come but it’s a couple of things that some of my older volunteers shared that are first on my mind this morning. Mr. Evams told us that he spent most of his life not doing the will of God in His life and how exhausting that was. It took him about 75 years to realize he was stealing from God’s glory. He talked with an obvious gratefulness and peace about living a life with God instead for God. He didn’t need any glory or attention. He didn’t want to love people. He wanted to love people with God’s love.

Mr. Evans didn’t want to just help people for God. He realized He needed to help people with God. The first way almost insinuates God can’t accomplish His will without us. It insinuates He’s not powerful enough to accomplish something without us. The second way recognizes God’s mightiness and power and goodness is 1000 times better than anything we could come up with on our own. And it’s not from us so it never burns out, never gives up, never folds.

In leadership I believe it’s very important to recognize people’s strengths, efforts, and accomplishments and to use those to serve The Least, The Lost, and The Lonely. But I also I know from experience a leader can burn up pretty darn quick if all our energy is focused on what we can do for God. He doesn’t need us completing good works for Him because He’s not able to on His own. My God is big, and strong, and mighty. He wants me to come along with Him to be a part of the good works He is completing. 

Let’s follow Mr. Evans example before 75 years has passed. Let’s stop stealing God’s glory and using up all of our energy trying to do good things outside the will of God. Let’s ride with the wind rather than trying to fight through it on our own. We need to ask ourselves are we worn out from unknowingly holding on to a little glory ourselves?

As a leader how have you experienced burn out in trying to do things for God rather than stepping in with what God is already doing?

What good works has God asked you to come along for the ride with Him?

It's good talking with you.

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