13 Weekends

I read this morning there are 13 weekends between Memorial Day and Labor Day. I want those times to fun and memorable for me and my family but I struggle with balancing doing nothing, with feeling like I should do something, with life is short, with my homebody DH, with my friends are a priority for me, with I have things I need to accomplish, with it’s too hot, too far, too expensive. Well,  you see my inner battle.

I’m tempted to assign weekends to these activities I want to do this summer because I know in my life I have to be intentional on scheduling almost everything to ensure it gets done but again, that seems to go against the whole flow of summer. It’s a little too much hustle.

Here’s my list of things I have done and still hope to do this summer. Add yours to the comment section. Let’s see if we can do some together!

  1. Pool Party at Carothers
  2. Learning to can fruits and veggies with Kelly
  3. See a Rascals game
  4. Visit my Dad’s side of the family
  5. Visit my Mom’s side of the family
  6. Go kayaking
  7. Visit Janelle in Arkansas
  8. Visit Nicole in Houston
  9. Visit Emily in Oklahoma City
  10. Go tubing/boating/jet skiing on the lake 2 times
  11. Go fishing 3 times
  12. See a Cardinals game
  13. Go on a hot air balloon ride
  14. Catch fireflies
  15. Make home made ice cream
  16. Have a lemonade stand
  17. Run 2 5K races and one team tri
  18. Go to 3 out door concerts
  19. Have neighbors over for cook out/ice cream
  20. Have family over for cook out/ice cream
  21. Have friends over for cook out/ice cream
  22. Have volunteers over for cook out/ice cream
  23. Finish 13 pages in art journal
  24. Plant garden and new flowers/plants

  25. What will we do together this summer? Image

2 thoughts on “13 Weekends

  1. I wanna learn how to can fruits and veggies with Kelly, too, if she’s ok with that. That’s one of the things I’ve really been wanting to learn.

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