A Letter to my Van

Today we bid adieu to our beloved Honda Odyssey Mini Van. As promised, after 10 years I have driven it into the ground. It has been a dear friend for many reasons. Here are just a few;

Dear Van,

We just want to thank you for your many years of service to our family. I’d like to think of today as another beginning for you rather than an end. Rather than trading up let us view this as just an exchange of time. You will no doubt go to serve another young family and bring them up just as well as you have raised ours. 

As a young mother I was certain you would provide all the tools I needed for successful parenting. As with any young family you have been vomited on, peed on, pooped on, and spilled on by grown ups, children, and dogs. Crayons and gummy bears are permanently melted to your floor. How many stinky diapers have been changed in your cargo area? How many sippy cups filled with milk have solidified under your seats? French fries are intricately woven into your floor mats. At times I’m sure it seemed like a small puppy could be living in the back of the van on ketchup and mustard packets. You have endured hours of car trips of crying, fighting, whining, and car sickness. You have evolved with us from listening to lullabies to questioning the teenager’s drift towards techno music. You have listened to Blue’s Clues for almost 13 years now and you never balked. Never once have you complained of the sweat from workouts or the drip of chlorine from the pool.

You brought home our youngest from the airport. You have dutifully carried us safely all over this country and helped us experience momentous family memories. You have never left us stranded in the 20 mile loop we do around our community day in and day out from school, church, stores, sports, etc. We have shoved fishing poles, swim gear, snow gear, beach gear, bikes, etc and you have been ever so accomodating.

You have picked up cold people off the side of the street. You have carried homeless people to shelter. You have hauled donations to and from any event possible. You provided refuge for those just needing to talk and get a drink from Sonic. You have squeezed in 7 teenagers on so many occasions to carry them to youth events so they have time out of their schedule to come to know Christ a little better. You have skillfully carried each of us the the doctor or emergency room. Each time returning with us giving us a little sigh of relief of normalcy.

When we needed to get away you were there. When we needed to get home you were there. 

Well done, good and faithful servant. Thank you Van

It's good talking with you.

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