I ran away for …

I ran away for a little bit today. My head was cluttered. I couldn’t prioritize. I was spinning my wheels as my head raced. I didn’t know what to start first. I started and stopped 10 different tasks.So I played hooky.

I ran to Creve Ceour Lake, rented a kayak, and headed out…to somewhere… as fast as I could. I don’t know where I was headed. Just away. I paddled out to the middle of the lake and just sat. There wasn’t really anything wrong. Nothing bad had happened. I was just out of sorts. I wasn’t centered. I lost direction.

There are some admirable traits about just plowing through until you find your groove. But I’m finding I’m a lot more productive if I clear space in my head and heart for what needs to be done. Multi-tasking is not my friend. Taking time to organize is becoming a priority for me. Delegation is key and then letting people do there thing is another. All this doesn’t amount to anything if I don’t start my day with God and continue that habit.

Someone told a story about a female doctor who was on the front lines somewhere like in Rwanda. They would keep bringing the massacred bodies to her. They never stopped, the fighting never stopped, she couldn’t save them all, the heat never faded, the flies only multiplied. It was a dismal place of no hope. But to plow through she work as hard as she could for 55 minutes, then take 5 minutes away to sing, to pray, to sit in peace. Then she would jump back into the hard work for another 55 minutes, and then take that 5 minute break to commune with God, to return to the source of her strength, to build her power from resting in the Lord.

I’m no where near the battle lines of Rwanda, but the 55/5 is working for me. If I work has efficiently and has diligently as I can for 55, then take 5 minutes to check back in with the Lord, I accomplish so much more than I could on my own. It sets my priorities straight if I build off of rest rather than working towards rest. 

I don’t feel guilty playing hooky. I’m just keeping a very important appointment with my Father.

It's good talking with you.

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