Two years ago I felt like throwing up…

The Rabid Mime

I have another rather frustrating day of just trying to get information about the housing situation in St. Charles County. The majority of people I talked to agreed that yes, homelessness in our area is quite a problem that most people are unaware of, and yes they had thought about it, but funds, or manpower, or other involvement kept them from addressing the problem, and thank you but no, they would rather not talk about it with other people, and thank you but no, they would rather not try to combine talents and resources, and yes, I should consider the fact that we can’t do everything for everyone. *blech

On the flip side Myrna is going to pray that a solution is found because yet another young woman came in today looking for housing. When Myrna prays, God listens so I’m excited to see what He has to say. I…

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