Guest Blog: Girlie’s Alternative Movie Endings #1

Alternative ending to Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks movies…

Girlie is complaining about my collection of Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks movies having a “predictable plot.” I challenged her to come up with alternative endings if she was so hot to trot.

Instead in ” You’ve got Mail” when Kathleen’s mother’s store closes she will be so heartbroken that she will gain 700 pounds and open a ice cream shop called ” Store at the End of the Street”  in the Bronx. Mr. Fox slowly loses his mind missing her, so he takes to flying kites and hunting zebras.  One day the sorrowful Mr. Fox walked into Kathleen’s ice cream shop saw her and abruptly turned into a neon yellow Hulk. He screamed and punched things. Kathleen called him down after  7 hours 22 minutes and 11 seconds. They lived happily ever after living out of a mail box.



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