Anybody pacing the floor with me? 3 Things To Do While Waiting

I’m waiting on a group to make a decision about something really, really important to me. I have no insight into their conversations. I have no knowledge of where they are in the process. I have no idea what kind of timeline we’re talking about. Waiting requires patience. Patience is not a virtue I am not known for. So waiting is just about ugly around me. Waiting is just about to kill me. I just want to speed up time. 

However, even though I can’t control these people and get an answer from them yesterday I’ve thought of 3 things I can do to pass the time. 







1. Prayer: I’m praying for myself to keep my eyes on God and not on the clock or calendar. These time pieces can become golden idols for me. I’m also praying for these people to be led by God and not swayed by man. I want to keep thinking of these people as blessings rather than blockades.

2. Prepare: Whatever these people’s decision, I need to be ready to move. There are plenty of things I can be doing in the meantime in preparation for their answer. I can’t control the outcome but I know what the answer is going to be , yes, no, or not now. I don’t need to standing around wringing my hands. I’ve got stuff to do while waiting.

3. Praise: Because I am a bit of a control freak parading as a mexican jumping bean, waiting can be an anxiety producing exercise for me if I allow it. I’ve learned that if I pump up the praise music, dance around, and praise God for what He’s already done and what He’s going to do after this time of waiting I limit the mind racing and the limitless “what if” questions. I turn the nervous energy over to God in the form of praise.

In addition to these 3 things I oscillate between extreme caffeine intake, shoe shopping, shoving my face with chocolate chips, twitter stalking, and tearing paper.

I’m guessing I’m not alone on the whole waiting game. How do you wait patiently or not so patiently

It's good talking with you.

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