Why We Will Re-Gift at Sparrow

I could go either way this time of year. On one hand I love all the parties and festivities. I love that for one time of the year the entire Earth seems to focus on the birth of  a baby. But I find it draining from all the expectations and requirements. I like Halloween. One night. Great fun. Sweets and happy kids. Christmas is an entire month filled with decorations, constant baking, spending too much money, trying to focus on Advent, getting the house ready, sending out cards, making sure every moment is filled with holiday cheer. I can be rather Grinch-ey. I want to be generous with my time, talent, and energy. There seem to be so many needs this time of year. It’s hard to prioritize who I should give what to. Does anyone else feel this way?

I’ll set your mind at ease for next year at The Sparrow’s Nest. Here’s one less agency to you have to think about next December. I know I can’t stop you but please don’t have your church or business “adopt” Sparrow girls next year. It’s not that we don’t want to celebrate the birth of Christ with them. It’s not that they won’t get a few presents. Its not that we’re trying to put them in their place or that they don’t deserve some Christmas fun. It’s just that it’s very, very important to me to build a culture of generosity at The Sparrow’s Nest. I want to see what the girls will do for those outside of themselves. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the young women in the Sparrow family next year picked another agency to send Christmas cheer? What if these young women never labeled themselves as the “under served or the under privileged” and never expected people they don’t know to provide the gifts for themselves and their babies? What if they see their unique talent could be used as wondrous gift for someone else?

What kind of wonderful blessings would come if the Sparrow mamas re-gifted what was meant for them for someone less fortunate than they are?




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