Satan Can’t Really Reproduce

You do realize that person you’ve written off as Satan’s spawn

is an actual miracle from God, right? 


That guy at work who’s making your life hell? Created by God

The kid in class bullying you? Child of God

The family member who destroys all holidays? Cherished by God

Whoever stole your identity online? Pursued by God

The boy you grew up with that never figured out what he wanted to be as a grown up? God is so fond of him. 

The church member causing division within The Body? Loved by God

The socially awkward individual who doesn’t smell right and seems to be attached to your hip? God delights in them.

The know it all who is a perpertual walking argument? Cared for by God.

The crybaby who continually finds Going Nowhere relationships? Treasured by God. 

The manipulative, lying wench? Sustained for by God.

The 47 year old couch potato friend still living at home playing video games and complains they can’t find a good job? Held dear by God. 

The young woman you just knew would wind up pregnant and ruining her life? God’s beloved.

The baby you thought she shouldn’t have that would have no chance of a good life? Adored by God.

The thief, the government official, the absent father, the rapist, the drunk driver, the terrorist, the murderer, the drug addict whoever you have written off as a product of Satan. Miracles from God. 

He knew them before they were born. He drew their fingerprints just like He drew yours. He  started their heart with the same beat as yours. He gently folded the layers of their brain just as He did yours. He breathed the same breath into their lungs as He did in yours.

Take a second for this one.

He created them in His image.

The people we dismiss, ignore, rant about, judge and hate are created in His image. Are we brave enough to judge others with that knowledge? God created all. His hand as been on them since before they were born. As awful as we may see them Satan did not create them. He is trying to destroy them. We can’t be ok with that. Jesus came to seek The Least, The Lost, and The Lonely. Jesus sacrificed His beautiful life for all the ugliness of this world. He thought it was worth that. Why can’t we even come close to viewing them as a possibility for redemption through Him?

We are commanded to Love the Lord and to Love Others. 

As difficult and heart breaking as these individuals can be are we really all that different? Are we really all that better? Haven’t we all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, over, and over, and over again? We simply cannot afford to walk away, ignore, or cut off God’s creation because of the grace and mercy we have also been blessed with. 

When God looks at the miracle of you what does He see?

How is God shaping your heart and mind to love The Least, The Lost, and The Lonely? 

2 thoughts on “Satan Can’t Really Reproduce

  1. I like what you are saying here. God showed me something similar… That to worship God is to show honor to his created image even if they don’t share his likeness. Knowing that each individual has free will…. Free will to be influenced by God or Free Will to be influenced by our enemy helps us to see past the things they do and rather honor them bc they are the Image rather than the likeness of our creator. I think you would enjoy reading this

    Also I think maybe if you considered applying the point about the antichrist being created by God further into your point it may help attract more readers. I expected you to be saying something negative about God bc of it. Maybe a little misleading to start with…. Anyways Great post!

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