9 Things I Tell My Daughter

One of My Reasons- My beautiful daughter Emma

All my children are amazing. No really. This is not just a mom thing. All 3 of My Reasons are incredibly distinct and unique beings. I’m fiercely proud of them and protective as well. We spend a lot of time talking about their thoughts, dreams, frustrations. About our expectations, reassurances, advice, beliefs, and faith. Here’s 9 things I tell my beautiful daughter as often as I can. 

1. Nothing is more important than God

 No boy, no catty words from other girls, no job, no event. Keep your gaze set on Him. Don’t get sucked into stupid conversations. Don’t get distracted by worldly gain. Don’t start looking at yourself so much you forget who you came from and what you were meant to do this side of heaven. Focus on God, put Him first. Everything else pans out the way it should. 

2. Ask the questions, find the answers. 

There is no stupid question. You may not end up with the same question you started with but at least you started forward in finding the answer. If you want to know it, it’s worth knowing. Ask about people, ask their thoughts and opinions, ask about events and why they happened, ask about things to come and how you can be apart of it. Ask God why, how, who, and what. That’s they only thing I want you to wait on, is His answer. 

3. Don’t wait.

They say you won’t study Vietnam War for another 2 years but you want to know about it now. Study it now. You want to be an entrepreneur when you grow up? Make the business plan now.  You see someone in need? Don’t wait until you have all the answers and resources. Act and act swiftly. Hear a song? Sing it. Hear a poem? Write it. Ship what you have today now. Perfect it along the way. Only thing to wait on is God. But be ready to move when He says “go.”

4. Be a chronic reader. And then write about what you read. 

Leaders are readers. Strong women have knowledge. Read everything. Especially your bible. Read even things that aren’t meant for you. Especially things that others have banned. Then write about it so you can store in a deeper part of your brain and soul. Just stop using the word “tooken.”

5. Dont apologize for being smart and pretty.

A lot of people say you can’t have it all. You do. You are beautiful and intelligent. Grace and confidence will carry you far. People will underestimate what you are capable of because they will be distracted by your heels and bling. Don’t say your sorry for who you are. 

6. Fight. Fight dirty if needed.

If you believe in it, if it is yours, if it is for the underdog, if it’s a good cause, if it’s life and death, if it’s to give someone else a voice. Fight. Don’t ever give up. Have courage, fight through the tears. Fight me and dad if we don’t listen or try to block something you know God has put in your heart. 

7. Give

Generously give away your money, your encouragement, your laughter, your tears. Share your ideas, thoughts, and opinions. Give your time and talents. Share your songs, gifts, and beauty. 

8. Take Care of What You’ve Been Given

Exercise every day, eat strong healthy food, eat dessert and chocolate, guard your heart, protect your innocence, know where you laid your phone, don’t lose your kids when you have them, love your husband with everything you have, personally track your finances, change the oil in your car, take the trash out, keep track of time. 

9. Purposefully look for joy

There is so much pain and sadness. Always look for the joke and sarcasm. Bring the giggles and snorts and laughter with you. Find the funny signs, and odd people, and goofy sayings. Laugh until your sides burst. 


What do you share with your daughter? What do you want to impress upon her? 

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