What if…: Guest blog by my son Alex

My youngest son has essentially been banned from asking “what if” questions in his classroom. So while we figure out the next step in his education I’m posting his what if questions from this morning while we eat breakfast and he rolls around on the ground gargling his spit like the great 6 year old boy that he is. Alex’s proud mama -Carissa

What if Oreos were double and then doubled again with chocolate filling?

What if I sprouted a butterfly? What if I was wrapped in my blankie like a cocoon and I had 6 legs? I would have 2 hands, 2 feet, and 2 more somethings. 

What if I could go to the moon wrapped up in my blankie and you hung me from a star?

What if yogurt was made of really old milk and water but I still liked it? 

What if there was no school today because of all the rain? I could call and spit on the phone and say “sorry, no school. I win, you lose and I’m a big caterpillar!”

What if animals shed their skin and they’re naked? Anything with skin shreds their skin. Even humans because we have dead skin. Even Rexy the Lizard had dead skin but he ate his skin. 

What are your what if questions? There are no dumb or “inappropriate” questions here! 


It's good talking with you.

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