Trying On My Invisibility Cloak

My buddy Casey posted this great blog about friendship this week He wants his tombstone to read “Generous Friend.” And it should. I can speak to the fact he is genuinely one of my most giving and generous friends. Everything in his life will lead up to the tombstone and will carry him into glory. 

His post got me thinking more about what I want people to say about me now though. Or really that I kind of wish no one was talking about me at all.

Recently the notoriety of being The Sparrow’s Nest founder has become a little stressful. The attention is slightly uncomfortable. I’m moving out of the anonymity I’ve enjoyed of just doing what I love which is helping the disenfranchised achieve a better life. All eyes feel like they are on me. As an extreme extrovert this is fine for a source of energy but I can confess I don’t need it as a source of pride. I’ve got a big enough head as it is. 

I feel God gave me a specific word last month to bring me back center and keep my life a little more between the lines. 

Keep doing what you were doing

before anybody knew you were doing it. 

As a 5″10′ usually red head, it’s not like I’m trying to live under the radar. I’m pretty much all or nothing. Whether you want to know it or not, if I’m within a 100 mile radius of you I’ll let you know one way or another. I’m a spaz who laughs loud, hugs hard, and jumps up and down awkwardly.

Photo by artist Carolyn Scanlan

But my heart wants to have a bowed head and a bent knee. I want to live out Matthew 25:35. I want to serve you without you knowing it was me. I want to wash feet without it being documented. 

I don’t want you to see me. I want you to see what God is doing through me, in spite of me.

As a leader, I realize the importance of giving our team a clear vision and direction. I understand the importance of stating and restating the mission and drive and giving them a voice to follow. I just wish I was better at pointing to who I am following and communicating I’m not striking out on my own path building something of my own doing. 

I’m praying that somehow I can lead more humbly and serve while wearing my invisibility cloak. 

As a leader what do you wish you were better at?

What were you doing before anybody knew you were doing it? 

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