Epoch vs Epic Fail

We’ve all been there. We’re late for a class or a meeting or event, and you try the first door on your right. The door sticks as you try to just slide in unnoticed, and you make a slightly bigger commotion than you ever intended. There is no empty seat because no one is expecting you of all people to show up uninvited. You can hear a pin drop as eyes bore into you questioning what value you have it all to even cross the threshold. The facilitator glares over half-moon glasses and states in a more than condescending voice; can I help you?” You can’t be sure, but did she just say “Can I hurt you?”

That’s been my life for almost three years now. Showing up where I was least expected to get the skills, knowledge, people, power, and money I lack to get something really important off the ground. I’ve been charged with The Sparrow’s Nest Maternity Home. And I’m willing to lose my dignity to bumble around Barney Fife like to make sure it launches. 

ImageIt wasn’t unusual for me to send a few texts to some folk asking them to nominate me for an Epoch award. But for some reason I wanted to crawl into a hole when I saw my nomination had been accepted. And then I saw the list of the other Epoch nominees. And I was pretty sure I had walked into the wrong room. I’m not sure what I was thinking, maybe these folk wouldn’t actually get around to nominating me, I’m not big enough to be accepted, it probably won’t happen. I’m feeling less Epoch and more Epic Fail these days. I’m going to trip over this gigantic head I’ve acquired.

Then I had yet another V-8 God moment like the thousand others I’ve been given on this journey to launch The Sparrow’s Nest. My head is starting to resemble a cauliflower. This is isn’t about me. I have on my invisibility cloak and I’m going to keep doing what I was doing before anybody knew I was doing it.

I would absolutely love to win an Epoch Award and bring in the cash and notice for Sparrow. I would trip and fall on stage if it meant God would be glorified. Like all the countless meetings, social events, and trainings I’ve just so happened upon I’m going to walk into this room that I don’t feel like I really belong in and hope that it benefits The Sparrow’s Nest. 

Thanks to Epoch for serving the community in such a generous fashion and thanks to Kevin who actually did what I ask him to do. You can learn more about Epoch and I hope you will take the time and energy to support this great event on October 28 in Atlanta. 


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