My Psalm

What can I say, God? 

Just when I think I have you figured out You reveal your majesty is yet another beautiful way. 

When my heart, mind, and soul seem to be in finally be sync for a moment to trust you, Your sovereignty is magnified more than I can comprehend. 

Lord, my desire is to be so close to you to you to not only never lose sight but to actually be able to smell the incense of praise on you. 

I’m not looking for some cracker jack prize pulling leprechaun, I’m looking for my Father, who blesses me, guides, and loves me so much that He will say no to me when I’m short sighted. That kind of Father, You Father, that gives me more than I can even wrap my head around. You have me wait for the best.

I can’t get into this thought that I’m a lowly, worthless worm. Because of you I am a new creation, I am a trainwreck redeemed, my confidence and strength and beauty can only be explained by belonging to you. I am a “Daughter of the King, so I walk as a Princess.” 

You are so much more loving, powerful, magnificent, forgiving, grace and mercy filled, than I can understand. I experience your faithfulness and then I am surprised by it again when I choose to identify it as your loyalty. You hold nothing back over and over and over again. 

When I am lonely you send people. When I am confused you provide clarity. When I am angry you cover me in peace. When I can’t get out of bed you provide motivation. 

My Abba, I wake up today finally loving you and looking as much as I can into your lovely face. Forgive me tomorrow, when I wake up and see only this world. 

It's good talking with you.

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