A little floaty story about my cello

ImageThis is my cello. It’s one of the most beautiful things I own. It was gifted to me over 25 years ago. It has been described as having one of the most rich and true tones ever heard. When I was much younger and life was much more complicated,  I could play it and get so lost in the sound that the cacophony around me literally disappeared. This cello paid for my schooling and was probably in part how I met my husband. 

However, it mostly sits in this corner these days. I rarely get it out and play, mostly because what used to be performance now sounds like I’m skinning at cat. My children have been given permission to play it as long as I’m close by. But for the most part, it sits waiting in the corner with no one to play it. We can all play “around” with this instrument but there’s no longer a mastered performer to actually play this instrument. 

I was given this beautiful image yesterday by a friend.

We are God’s instrument.

Only the Master knows the chords of our hearts. We were created to sing His praises. We move  when He says move. We speak with the words He gives us. We love with the love He shares with us. We perform for an Audience of One. 

But we aren’t meant to wait in the corner to be picked up occasionally and strummed. God uses His instruments of praise everyday. 

I hope this post today is not too artsy fartsy. Reading over it, I can see where it’s a bit more floaty than usual. I just feel surrounded by aggressiveness and ugliness. People I try to serve are pressed into a corner and all too often come out fighting. The pro-life ministry can feel and sound too aggressive and more focused on being right than doing right. Family and friends are going through really, really sad and stressful times. Anything good seems to be ridiculed or overlooked. 

I feel particularly pressed to keep my eye on God’s beauty and to listen to His song. I feel God has impressed on my heart to draw as close to Him as possible right now. To seek out beauty, goodness, things that are admirable, things that are praiseworthy, to listen to His voice above all others. I desire to be an instrument for good played by The Master. I want to constantly be protected by His song. 

 How is God using your song of praise today? How has art, music, or words drawn you closer to The Master lately? 

It's good talking with you.

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