Celebrating Unsung Heroes

It’s hard for me to imagine anyone really caring about The Sparrow’s Nest outside of our small community. We don’t get much interest from across the river in St. Louis much less across the nation. Despite my limited thinking that’s what seems to be occurring. Nationally acclaimed authors interview us wanting to know how we got started, other maternity homes call asking about our model, ministry leaders and pastors ping us asking help in creating shelters of safety for teen parents in their area, non-profits both near and far want to talk creative fundraising tactics. It’s insane to me how one idea of “we just need a house,” as turned into something bigger than I can even fathom.

When I think of the impact of winning an Epoch award this is what I see the most. It’s not about earning a national platform. It’s more about meeting people from around the world and seeing how our vision can become a reality in their community. Being awarded an Epoch award would not only financially benefit The Sparrow’s Nest but it would connect us with so many others who may feel the same need in their community to serve young adults who are going through unplanned pregnancies, alone, and without proper resources to care for themselves much less their baby. 

We don’t have all the answers but this is something I feel strongly about. Our team has had to beg and plead and nag for the necessary tools, resources, and information to build a strong foundation for The Sparrow’s Nest to take flight. If it is within my power to help other people trying to find their way in faith based non-profit world I want to share my countless notebooks, emails, conversations, and bit of knowledge I have gained along the way. They still have their own path to walk but I hope to be a blessing to them along the way. 

I think that’s what I like the most when I view the other Epoch nominees. It’s absolutely beautiful to see so many people so passionate about so many different causes. I see whole lot of folk just trying to work on their own corner of the world and make it just a little bit better for next person coming through. And that’s some powerful stuff right there. 


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