Repost: When anger, passion, and conviction meet one might feel the need to throw up//How The Sparrow’s Nest was born

I have another rather frustrating day of just trying to get information about the housing situation in St. Charles County. The majority of people I talked to agreed that yes, homelessness in our area is quite a problem that most people are unaware of, and yes they had thought about it, but funds, or manpower, or other involvement kept them from addressing the problem, and thank you but no, they would rather not talk about it with other people, and thank you but no, they would rather not try to combine talents and resources, and yes, I should consider the fact that we can’t do everything for everyone. *blech

On the flip side Myrna is going to pray that a solution is found because yet another young woman came in today looking for housing. When Myrna prays, God listens so I’m excited to see what He has to say. I also had a phone call from Eric M from CFS this afternoon and an email from Steve A. Looks like we have a similar dream. We are going to meet to talk and look at some facilities that might be used for a maternity home/temporary housing for those in need.

And on the really, really bright side Robert came home early tonight and I bombarded him. He knows how long this has been on my heart to have a home for pregnant teens. We talked about it even before we were married. We dreamed we would buy 100 acres near his parents in West Tennessee and of course call it the Hundred Acre Wood. We would live on one side of the property, the home would be in the middle, and his brother or sister would live on the other side of the property and we would have golf carts to go between the houses. What can I say, we were teens ourselves when we got married. 🙂

But even tonight he can take my ideas and dreams and make them make sense and have a plan and a backup plan. So the plan is for me to research maternity homes in the area and even one I think I like in Austin, go work at it for a week or so, look for a duplex or four-plex to purchase, talk with a few people who can see the dream and see if they want to come along for the ride and to step away from the “non-believers” (his term). He emphasized the process would be long and arduous and frustrating and exhausting but extremely rewarding. Can I tell you how much I love this man?

I also have felt convicted to study Esther and to hang on to this phrase “For such a time as this.” I get chills and my heart races when I see it again. I still have no idea what the importance is but I just so happened to have Beth Moore’s Esther study on my bookshelf. I stayed up way too late last night and got up way too early starting the study. The basis is life is difficult for women and also showing ordinary women doing extraordinary things. Whatever God wants me to glean from it seems pretty pertinent no matter how you look at it.

So I’m on a path that I have no idea where it’s going, not a whole lot of folks on the road with me, it’s not really illuminated well at all. I guess right now I’m just on a fact finding mission. But what I do know is there a stirring deep within me. I’m sick to my stomach and my heart is racing. I could be pregnant or having a heart attack but I’m pretty sure God is doing something to my heart and my life.

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